Friday, March 27, 2009


Usually a week or so out from a race I start having crazy dreams (sometimes nightmares) about racing. This is nothing new. I use to have these weird dreams before swim meets as well when I was younger. Thought they would go away as I got older but no such luck. So, last night was the first nightmare with many to come in the upcoming week I'm sure. Here's what I can remember from last night...

"I was racing Buffalo Springs...not sure why because the race is in New Orleans next week and NOT Buffalo Springs. Anywho, I was last out of the water, and I was MAD. Hopped on my bike and just grinded away to catch anyone in front of me that I could. Halfway through the bike I got off...I guess I was just tired of biking. Left my bike in the middle of the road and just started the run (in my bike shoes) even though everyone else was still biking. So, I ended up running the rest of the bike course and part of the run course before I realized how ridiculous this was and woke up!"

I was so relieved that I was dreaming. Got up to go to the bathroom and then pleasently fell back to sleep... this time dreaming of Matthew McConaughey watching a movie with Brandon and I in our living room. Ofcourse, it was one of McConaughey's movies "Fool's Gold" which was pretty dumb.

Any dream interpreters out there know what this all means?

Update later this weekend.


-Brandon said...

No idea unless it means you are really ready to run!

And, for the record to all in blogland, I have NOT seen Fool's Gold.

Mich said...

Could be worse, you could have nightmares that Matthew M. was running past you, with his dog.

That actually happened to me, but it wasn't a nightmare, it was real.