Monday, September 22, 2008


It has now been 3 weeks since I strapped on the boot. 3 more weeks to go (not as if I'm counting down or anything). Although I will probably graduate to a smaller boot 2 weeks after the full 6 weeks making it 8 weeks total of no that? Just want to be on the safe side. Will probably also get another x-ray before I start any running.

The foot is actually feeling pretty good. I feel no pain when I'm walking in the boot...probably because it is HUGE and has a lot of padding.

I swam 5x last week. All swims were anywhere from 2k-3k. It felt good to be in the water again. The foot doesn't hurt when I swim or kick which is great. I have to be careful pushing of the wall though. I've been pushing off with my left foot only which works pretty good. Unfotunately, it leaves my left hip incredibly sore!

I will start doing some rehab this week for my foot and ankles. I'm looking forward to strengthening my feet so that I can hopefully prevent any further injuries. I have very weak ankles and a hard time trying to dorsi flex my feet for running. My feet are so used to being pointed when kicking in the water, that it's just natural for me to land on my toes when I run.

We spent the weekend at B's parents house. I basically just relaxed the whole time I was there. NICE. I ate, read some, watched movies, ate some more, did crosswards and just hung out with the fam.

More of the same this week...swimming. I'll maybe try to add in a couple of rides depending on how the foot feels.

Have a great week!

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