Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Highlights

-Enjoyed an evening out with JB and KB (and B) at an Indonesian restaurant on the East Side called Java Noodle. Good food...Good people...Good times...We laughed. We actually laughed quite a bit.

-Swam at UT in the morning. Did a lot of sprinting...since everyone is getting ready for Masters Nationals which is in two weeks. I will actually be swimming two days at Nationals (Thursday and Friday) which should be fun.
-Biked after swimming which was rough.
-Good afternoon run around the the Burnet loop.
-Finished the evening off visiting JS who recently had some sort of abdominal surgery.

-No workouts since Sundays are my DAY OFF.
-Coached Ironchicks in the morning for a few hours.
-Babysat my 3 year old niece for a few more hours which wore me out! We bounced on the trampoline, played in the sandbox and watched 'The Incredibles' not once but TWICE!

One more thing:
-Wore my new Zoot moldable flipflops (all day) for the first time since my bout with Plantar Fascitis. So far... feels pretty darn good!


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