Sunday, January 27, 2008


In the beginning of September, Brandon and I applied for the Team Zoot sponsorship. We found out earlier this month that we were both accepted which is very exciting. We received our contracts this week and it sounds like a great deal (Wet Zoot, Zoot Shoes, Zoot clothing, Scott Plasma bike, Zipp wheels, Suunto watch, and nutritional supplements, etc...). There will also be bonus money at certain races throughout the year. I'm still waiting to see which races those are so that I can finalize my 2008 schedule. I'm looking forward to representing such a great company and also be part of a team that will be competing nation wide.

Training has been going well. Compared to last year I feel like I actually have a plan and purpose for every workout. I ended the week with the World Championships of Austin ride (aka...the ATC ride) yesterday. Unfortunately, I got dropped before the ride even started and it just went down hill after that. My legs were tired and were burning after every hill that I climbed. I probably could have walked some of the hills faster than I was riding them yesterday. I ended up riding about 3:15. It was suppose to be a 3:30 or so ride but I figured that riding an extra 15-30 minutes or so would just be garbage. Just goes to show that you can't be 'on' for every workout. I was so glad to be home and off my bike. I ended up eating everything in the house and then went for a 30 minute run. I ran the first two miles solid and then just cooled down after that. is an OFF DAY! Actually, I try and take every Sunday off (unless I'm racing). It's nice to have a day where I don't have to work OR workout!

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Kelly said...

Hey Amy! Nothing to be upset about getting dropped on ATC ride, I had some people race Frost Yer Fanny last week and they were miffed that you a girl beat them..'til I told them that you're a total badass on the bike. :) Sounds like training is going well for you, good to was painful and I am too freaking hard on myself...but a good training day. Thanks to you and Brandon for cheering! I couldn't even muster a smile to ya'll, ugh...